Ep. 183 Unleash MongoDB Data with Budibase

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This is a podcast episode titled, Ep. 183 Unleash MongoDB Data with Budibase. The summary for this episode is: <p>Welcome back to the MongoDB Podcast, where we talk about everything related to software development, data, and MongoDB. In this episode, we explore Budibase, an incredible tool that lets you efficiently manage your MongoDB data through easy-to-use CRUD operations. Whether you're collecting form data, building dashboards, or handling automations, BuddyBase is a must-see for developers looking to optimize their MongoDB workflow. Tune in as we go hands-on with a live demo!</p><p>Get Started Now with MongoDB: <a href="https://mdb.link/episode183" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">https://mdb.link/episode183</a></p>
Introducing Kevin Cunningham
00:20 MIN
What is Budibase?
02:14 MIN
Multi-database capabilities
01:20 MIN
Budibase Revenue Model
00:47 MIN


  • Introduction [00:00:00]
  • Welcome back, I'm your host Michael Lynn.
  • What to expect: Discover how Budibase can revolutionize your MongoDB experience.
  • Guest Introduction [00:02:00]
  • Meet Kevin Cunningham, the innovative mind behind Budibase.
  • What is Budibase? [00:04:00]
  • Kevin delves into the core functionalities of Budibase.
  • Why Budibase for MongoDB Users? [00:09:30]
  • Exploring the advantages of using Budibase with MongoDB.
  • Live Demonstration [00:14:00]
  • A hands-on demo: Building a CRUD app in less than 35 minutes.
  • Key Features of Budibase [00:44:25]
  • Discussing automations, data visualizations, and more.
  • User Integration [00:47:17]
  • How to invite users and make the most out of your Budibase application.
  • Wrap-up [00:49:03] Final thoughts and how to get started with Budibase.

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