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Ep 139 Hashnode and MongoDB with Jannik Wempe

This is a podcast episode titled, Ep 139 Hashnode and MongoDB with Jannik Wempe. The summary for this episode is: <p>In this episode, Mike Lynn talks with Jannik Wempe of Hashnode. Hashnode is a Blogging community for engineers, thought leaders and the wider developer community.</p><p><br></p><p>Jannik discusses his career path to date, he ended up as a full stack software engineer and how writing developer focused content on HashNode actually led him to a role there. On his Hashnode blog, he most recently addressed the challenges of sending Mass Personalised Emails using AWS Serverless Technologies and MongoDB, and that's what brought Jannik to our attention.</p>

Today's Hosts

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Shane McAllister

|Lead, Developer Advocacy
Guest Thumbnail

Michael Lynn

|Principal Developer Advocate

Today's Guests

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Jannik Wempe

|Senior Software Engineer @Hashnode