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Ep. 97 Battlefy Esports Tournament Platform and MongoDB

This is a podcast episode titled, Ep. 97 Battlefy Esports Tournament Platform and MongoDB. The summary for this episode is: <p>With nearly 500 million gamers worldwide, the Esports industry market is approaching $200 billion USD. Today's gamers are engaging in fierce competition for cash and prizes and on today's episode, Michael chats with <a href= "">Ronald Chen, Principal Software Engineer</a> at <a href= "">Battlefy</a>, one of the most popular Esports Tournament companies. </p> <p>Ronald has been working on the Battlefy platform since 2013 and talks about the motivations for using MongoDB and why the document model works so well for modern applications.</p> <p>Ronald writes about his experience on the Battlefy Blog. You can read more at <a href= ""></a></p> <p>Battlefy is hiring! <a href= ""><span style= "font-weight: 400;"></span></a></p>

Today's Hosts

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Shane McAllister

|Lead, Developer Advocacy
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Michael Lynn

|Principal Developer Advocate